The terrorist attack on Charleston by Dylan Roof does not differ much from Breivik’s attack on Norway – they are both hate crimes. “The fact that this man would walk into a predominantly black church, founded in the 18th century because of the ill treatment of black worshippers in a Philadelphia church; a man who can wear with pride flags that carry equal ‘hate weight’ to black subjects of the southern African former colonies as the swastika does to the descendants of Jews who perished under Adolf Hitler, is evidence enough that this was a racially motivated crime.” Read more http://thisisafrica.me/of-old-african-flags-and-the-charleston-shooters-hate-crime/

The similarity is that in keeping with the beliefs of extremist nationalists Breivik is reportedly opposed to multiculturalism and believes that immigration has been eroding Norwegian cultural values and identity. It is also reported that Breivik had his own racist interpretation of Huntington’s theory of the clash of civilisations; and found ‘wisdom’ in the words of John Stuart Mill: “One person with a belief is equal to the force of 100,000 who have only interests.” I join those who find it ironic and scandalous that an ultra right racist found ‘wisdom’ in the words of a liberal! What a tragedy that Breivik found it fit to utilise his ‘force of 100,000’ to murder on a massive scale, expressing his low regard of the importance of man. Read more http://www.africanexecutive.com/modules/magazine/articles.php?article=6041

The difference however, is the way in which Norway handled Breivik and the United States of America (USA) is handling the Charleston terrorist – Roof. Norway denied Breivik publicity to the extent that many of us are now unable to recognise him – I believe he is in some jail somewhere atoning for his sins without the benefit of a public platform to spew his hate. Now the Charleston terrorist – Roof, well he has been accorded a worldwide platform on which to spew his hate and on which injustices against black people in the USA are explained away with justifications – include ill-health.


  1. This act is barbaric, gruesome, discriminative, committed by a man believed in racial discrimination. I will say this without fear that such man deserve death penalty. Why only the black church? Why not the white church? Why he did not point the barrel of the gun at his family? THIS MUST STOP!!!

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    1. At Charleston church, worshipers seek solace after tragedy:

      Singing, crying and clinging to one another for solace, a grieving congregation returned to “Mother Emanuel” on Sunday, determined to restore the historic church from a murder scene to a place of worship.

      An overflow crowd packed the Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church just four days after a young man spouting racist ideology came to a Bible study class and methodically killed nine people.

      For some parishioners, it was too soon to return. But Felicia Breeland, a retired music teacher and third-generation member of Emanuel, said she never considered staying home.

      “I wanted to come,” said Breeland, 81, wearing a white dress and hat. “That gunman could not change us from coming together and having our church service.” – excerpts from LATimes.



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