Libya without Col. Gaddafi

Remember the propaganda prior to his murder? It was justified that his death would be good riddance for Libya, Africa and the World. However, nearly four years since he was murdered, a Google search from Uganda using the key words: ‘Libya after Gadaffi’ results in several links to opinions which consistently assess Libya after Gadaffi as not the land that was promised post Gaddafi.

“Three years after Gadaffi, Libya is imploding into chaos and violence. Its oil exports have fallen from 1.4 million barrels a day in 2011 to 235,000 barrels a day. Militias hold 8,000 people in prisons, many of whom say they have been tortured. Some 40,000 people from the town of Tawergha south of Misrata were driven from their homes which have been destroyed… The Nato powers that overthrew him – and by some accounts gave the orders to kill him – did not do so because he was a tyrannical ruler. It was rather because he pursued a quirkily nationalist policy backed by a great deal of money which was at odds with western policies in the Middle East.” 

Patrick Cockburn

@Foreign Policy in Focus

No doubt, Libya today is not the land that those who murdered Gaddafi promised; it is not a country from which the devil was rid. Whom should we hold accountable?

2 thoughts on “Libya without Col. Gaddafi”

  1. PEACE. Kernal Gaddafi will always be remembered. A Great Martar. A Viisionary! I remember his last words**quote** What have I done to you? May ALLAH have Mercy on His Soul & Grant Him Paridise. R.I.P.
    We Muslims continue to contribute to our own distruction. We keep cutting of the hand that feeds us, wether it’s Physical Mental or Spiritual. We have to put ALLAH First!
    O Africa, O Mother Africa. How long are we going to let outside influences dictate our Furture? When are we going to take a stand and stop being Manipulated into being Beggers & be Men? You are the primary reason that Africans are suffering around the WORLD. Nobody respects us because we don’t respect ourselves. Our children are depending on us for a Brighter Future. Lets put our personnel & Tribal differences aside for the benifit of the Majority.
    Bob Marley said** quote** Africa Unite For the Benifit of (Our) CHILDREN!


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