Dishonesty a basis for Uganda’s Election 2016 Politicking

I got back in to the city last evening after being away – up country – for the a week. Today, I have accessed my face book and seen images alleging Uganda police brutality – undressing a woman who is a member of the Forum for Democratic Change, one of Uganda’s opposition parties

Then I saw a post by Justus Amanya​ in which he showed with video footage that it is actually not the police who undressed the woman but rather it is the woman who undressed herself – presumably in order to shock the police. Justus surmised that it was likely planned entrapment of the police – as in the FDC coached the woman to undress in order to embarrass the police and in order to score political points.

I have re-watched the footage presented by both sides, and not being camera/video smart, I can not really tell who has carefully edited/doctored the video for their specific brand of propaganda. I shall consult with my tech-smart brothers, Emmanuel Owaraga​ and James Owaraga​.

Nevertheless, at this moment, I fail to accept to elevate this woman’s act to that of the women who undressed for the authorities in order to protest state sanctioned land grabs in Northern Uganda and in North-Eastern Uganda early this year In fact I think, she vulgarizes that powerful action/method of protest that woman world over have used to maximum effect. I fail to see how her act comes close to such acts as used by my hero Wangari Maathai​.

“Maathai was a consistent thorn in the side of the autocratic administration of Daniel arap Moi which lasted over two decades up to 2002, and she revolutionised the act of protest in Kenya by centering it on the female body. In urging the protesting mothers of detainees to strip when threatened by security officers who were threatening to break up their protests, Maathai wove traditional beliefs on nudity and gender together with contemporary political struggles to foment a decisive moment in the struggle that brought women into the centre of a political discourse in which they had only previously been included peripherally. She was an intellectual and an activist who ultimately did more to spur on the democratic movement in Kenya than nearly anyone else.”

9 responses to “Dishonesty a basis for Uganda’s Election 2016 Politicking”

  1. Norah, after watching the following video, it is clear the woman is stripping herself naked as she clearly @1:21 removes her bra.; and @1:23 starts to pull per pants down:

    Again, her acts don’t merit comparison with the other case of old women protesting against land grabs and Wangari Maathai​’s. This woman is in her own league. It’s called “Indecent Exposure.” I believe Uganda has laws against such acts in public.

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  2. I’m sorry, I don’t see the logic of comparing this woman’s incident with the other two cases. May be you will help me understand it, because the context in which the other women undressed was very different.

    Your assertion, “I have re-watched the footage presented by both sides, and not being camera/video smart, I can not really tell who has carefully edited/doctored the video for their specific brand of propaganda,” indicts that you have already taken a position on the intent of posting an edited video.

    In short, we have two scenarios which can be summed up as follows:
    #1. A woman who strips herself naked to tarnish the Police by pretending that it was the police that did it. So that the world can think that Uganda has a savage Police.

    Or #2. A savage Police that strips a woman naked to humiliate her during the arrest, which proves that it is a Savage Police.

    In either of the above two scenarios, the bottom-line of nakedness is to tarnish the image of the other, while in the other cases, nakedness was used as a clear cut protest against a specific issue that was on going.

    May be if this woman stated that she stripped her self naked to protest against unwarranted police harassment and brutality, then I can see where her act of protesting by stripping naked could merit comparison with the other two cases, because of belonging in the same context of the protest.

    Having said all that, can someone tell me whether or not the following photo is editored or if the upside woman did it by herself for propaganda purposes:


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