The Karamoja I found –Dr. Limlim

“The role of the elite The elite have become an interesting tribe in Karamoja. Corruption is perpetuated and sustained by new graduates in Karamoja. In the last NUSAF program, Shs1.8 billion has not been accounted for. Where is the honesty of the youth? Where is the honesty of the graduates?”


Dr. Robert Limlim is the Director of the second Northern Uganda Social Action Fund (NUSAF) program. He has been away from Uganda and Karamoja for about a decade and returned to Uganda only three months ago to head the Program. He was chief guest at Karamoja Students’ Development Association (KASDA) handover ceremony held at Hotel Mantras at Kansanga –Kampala on 10th April 2010. Simon Peter Longoli transcribes parts of his speech below.
I am going to dwell on three things. The first of which is the Karamoja I found after about a decade of work abroad. Secondly, I will also talk about the role of the elite in Karamoja. I will conclude with an appeal to all members in as far as the development of Karamoja is concern.
I have been away in America working for other citizens of the World. I have also spent a lot of time working…

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