#THV: Celebrating #Writivism

At “The Humanist View” (THV) it is reflection and celebration time on this 1st day of December 2016. Yes, we are, after all, into the last month of the year.

THV blog, my blog, which is hosted at wordpress, started publishing blog posts in a consistent manner in 2014.  My blog is connected to my page, THV page, on face book. Yes, my blog and my page are among the avenues which constitute my active citizenship.

The content of THV blog primarily consists of my original thoughts. Even the few times in which I have re-blogged another’s post, in most cases, I have done so with my own commentary added. The posts that top on THV blog – the ones that are most viewed – are all those that are of my original thoughts.

In 2016, for example, the post that so far has the most views on THV blog is that which is titled: “Letter to President Museveni.”  In that post I shared my original thoughts on the 2016 Uganda Presidential Election campaigns. I also shared in it my critique of the two major candidates – basically, why the two should not have contested and why President Museveni should retire.

The post that was the most viewed on THV blog  in 2015 is the one titled: “#WhatWouldMagufuliDo Take it with a Pinch of Salt.”  In that post I shared my original thoughts on why it was important to take note of and be cautious of President Mgufuli’s style of leadership. President Magufuli had recently won the 2015 Tanzania Presidential Elections.

In 2014, the post that was the most viewed on THV blog is the one titled: “A good use for Article 110 (1): Calling for a State of Emergency in Uganda – Crisis of No Public Toilets.”   In that post I shared my original thoughts in form of a critique of the priorities of Uganda’s Parliament.

THV blog has this far continued to gain viewers, hence the celebrations. In 2014, THV blog had a reach of 2.3K views, 1.5K visitors, 9 likes and 88 comments. In 2015, it had a reach of 16.6K likes, 9.9K visitors, 19 likes and 150 comments. Now, in 2016, with one more month to go, it has a reach of 28.7K views, 17K visitors, 87 likes and 163 comments.

The statistics are clear. Since its establishment, THV blog has consistently gained more viewers. This certainly points to the fact that it has generated interest with its content and its style.

Those viewers of THV blog that have accessed it from Uganda are the largest in number of all the viewers of THV. As of today, the morning of 1st December 2016,  the wordpress stats show that THV has had 11.7K viewers so far in 2016 that it credited as from Uganda. The other major viewers of THV blog on wordpress are those that access it from the EU, US, UK, Norway, Tanzania, and Canada.

The posts that I publish on THV blog I simultaneously share on THV page. My original posts plus others that I write specifically for my page are the majority on THV page. The page likes of THV page have increased from 627 in January 2016 to nearly 13.3K as of today. Admittedly, the page was boosted for a three month period, but even when boosted if the content did not please, then people will not have liked the page in any case.

Sometimes back, this year, 2016, I made a comment on a face book post that Timothy Kalyegira had published in which he critiqued face book pages, in general; and in which he shared his views about why he was not accepting invitations to like face book pages.

My comment went along the lines: my page, THV, had not made the cut to be liked by Timothy. In response to my comment, Timothy freely and generously shared his critique of THV page.

He pointed out that he thought the cover photo of THV page, which is the same as that of THV blog, was good. Credit goes to both Emannuel Owaraga  who took the picture and Timothy Laku  who modified the picture for use on social media.

Timothy, furthermore, critiqued THV page for mostly containing shared posts from other sights and not original posts. He criticized THV page for being dominated of content from authors and sites exogenous to Uganda and Africa, such as mostly from the global-west. He clarified that those were his reasons for not liking THV page. He encouraged me to publish more original own content on THV page and moreover that which the subject matter is on Uganda and on Africa.

At the time when Timothy made his critique, the 2016 US Presidential Election Campaigns were at their peak. Yes, admittedly I shared on THV page posts from “Occupy Democrats”, the “Washington Post”, and other global-western sites.  For many of the post, however, I shared the links to THV page accompanied with my own original commentary.

I value critique that is generous and forthright, and I thank Timothy for generously sharing his of THV page. He has provoked me to review and reflect on my writing on THV blog and that on THV page. A review that has reconfirmed to me that my achievement so far with THV is absolutely worth CELEBRATING. So, at THV we celebrate and with confidence that we are on track.

Massive thanks to Laku who consistently provides THV with effective technical know-how on how to get the best out of social media.

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