#LiberationDay17: H.E. Museveni Outed

In 1986 when President Museveni took power, the media focused on and reported mainly on his Magufuli-like decrees. They centered on and painted a single story of him that revolved around his declaration and promise that the National Resistance Army (NRA) administration was “not a mere change of guards but a fundamental change.”

In the late 1980s and 1990s, because of the single story of him in the media, Ugandans were whipped into frenzied jubilation. Blinded by the smokescreen of the media’s single story of him, people’s hopes for the future of Uganda were raised high, too high I dare say. In 1986, after all, the media reported him as the messianic leader who had arrived.

Well the jury is now out. 31 years later, after he has been the 9th President of Uganda for three decades, President Museveni has come out, has clarified and has revealed his true self to Ugandans:

I am not an employee. I hear some people saying that I am their servant; I am not a servant of anybody. I am a freedom fighter. (Source: Daily Monitor)

Many Ugandans find themselves in shock that their messiah who 31 years ago assessed that:“The problem of Africa is not the people but leaders who want to overstay in power”, has successfully transformed beyond recognition. Where is the “democracy from ground up” that he promised?

1 thought on “#LiberationDay17: H.E. Museveni Outed”

  1. How horrifying to hear your ” Messiah” say his not one, yet after 31yrs people were still hoping for that fundamental change. Now we know we need to re focus


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