Leaders of #Africa Get Real!

Which water are the leaders of Tanzania drinking in this Magufuli era, especially the men?
Mary Sanywa reports that the District Commissioner of Tandahimba is
urging the public to support efforts aimed at curbing pregnancies among school children.
Which efforts are those?
Ordering the arrest of the pregnant school children, because
“it is difficult to get hold of those who made the students pregnant?”
Biology Refresher Course 101 – pregnancy occurs among school children when a penis is inserted into them, sperm is ejaculated in them, and the sperm inseminates an egg(s) in their ovary.
Okay this is from the top of my head, but you can easily Google and find links to more clear and more vividly accurate explanations of how pregnancy occurs.
Now as the District Commissioner was saying about “efforts aimed at curbing pregnancies among school children”, do those efforts include disabling the function of penises of the men who insert theirs into school children?
You know like castration, you name it, am all ears.

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