The Myth of Trump’s Shithole Countries

If Haiti is a shithole, and by my definition of shithole it obviously is not, but if it is by Trump’s definition, then Trump’s ancestors made it so. History shows that Columbus and other pirates of Spanish, French, English and Dutch descent had a lot to do in destroying Ayiti, yes that was the original name of Haiti.

History has it that Ayiti was originally inhabited by Arawak Indians. When Columbus and other ‘white pirates’ from whence Trump is descended came to Ayiti, they did not come with their women, but instead they mated with the indigenous women of Ayiti.

Consequently an ethnocide of the Arawak people did occur and who were replaced by modern day Haitians who are of a mixed race – Black/brown of Arawak Indian descent and of ‘white pirate’ descebt. So, de-facto, those for whom Trump is racists against are partly of the same bloodline as he is.

In expressing outrage against racism by ‘white supremacists’, such as Trump, that is targeted against ‘people of colour’, there is a tendency to subconsciously legitimise the racist narrative that masks the obligations, roles and responsibilities of the ‘whites’ to atone and pay reparations for gross injustices against ‘people of colour’ world over; and thus allowing them side to step their moral and financial debts to ‘people of colour’.

Take for instance the immoral “independence debt” that France owes Haiti. Basically, ‘whites’ enslaved Haitians and when Haitians revolted and declared themselves free and an independent nation, France demanded that Haiti pays compensation for loss of property to ‘white’ slaveholders’; property being Haitian slaves.

The “independence debt” that France demanded for and pirated out of Haiti is reported as 90 million Gold Francs, which at the time it was extorted was 10 times more than the size of Haiti’s annual income at the time. In modern times the financial debt, the “independence debt” owed by France to Haiti, which it extorted from Haiti, is valued at 20 billion US dollars.

To date, France refuses to atone and to pay its moral and financial debt to Haiti. Sadly, this scenario is easily found in relations between many African countries and global-western nations, which believe that they were originally owned by ‘whites’. One such nation that was not originally owned by ‘whites’ but ‘white supremacists’ believe it originally owned by whites is obviously the United State of America; and another is obviously Canada.

We are complicit in our outrage against racist statements by ‘white supremacists’, such as Trump, if we do not insist on historicising and contextualising their non-factual racist statements in history. How is it that a ‘black/brown country’ that is owed 20 billion US dollars by a ‘white country’ is the one Trump considers a shithole?

Our countries of Africa and Haiti, ‘black/brown countries’, only become shitholes if we allow Trump to conveniently forget or to cover up the fact that ‘white countries’ are in fact morally and financially indebted to our countries.

Photo Credit: Wikipedia: “He is considered the father of Haiti.”

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