Terrorism and Our Own Little Internet Bubbles

Take for instance the way in which the global West is handling the situation in Libya, with utter disregard of the views of the African Union – the calls for peace talks by African leaders were just dismissed. It is no wonder that a significant section of peoples from the rest of the world feel the global West is so prejudiced that they do not believe that others are capable of free thinking without the ‘guidance’ of the global West.

This status quo breeds mutual mistrust and ill-feelings, to the extent that some in Africa now refer to NATO as the ‘North Atlantic Terrorist Organisation’. To those thus persuaded, they perceive NATO as the brutal enforcer of neocolonialism worldwide under the guise of ‘spreading democracy’ and ‘humanitarian intervention’ – therefore, to them NATO is the epitome of the global West’s intolerance of multiculturalism.

The rhetoric with which the invasion of sovereign states and the push for regime change is justified by the ‘super powers’ of the global West, such as the case of Libya, Iraq, Afghanistan, Somalia and Cote d’Ivoire, is fertile ground for breeding and nourishing extremists of all kinds – those with superiority complexes and those with inferiority complexes. Worse still, allegedly, Google is reinforcing this negative trend, as is argued by Eli Praiser in his article published in the Guardian Weekly (24/06/11) entitled: ‘In our own little internet bubbles: The personalisation of search engines traps us in a self-reinforcing world-view’.

Apparently, these days when one conducts a search using Google, the results that one shall be fed are what Google has determined that one wants to read. So, according to Praiser’s analysis, if you are a white supremacist, such as Breivik, Google will nourish your extreme views by showing you search results of sites and information that would be appreciated by white supremacists – thus reducing the opportunities that a white supremacist will encounter an alternative view, and so in the bliss of ignorance it is no wonder Breivik believes his actions were ‘necessary’!

Indeed, unfortunately, anti-immigrant, racist and xenophobic tendencies are gaining support among conservative sections the world over. How sad that our current world order and socialisation processes are nurturing and producing this kind of evil. Whether it is a white supremacist, a fundamentalist nationalist, a fundamentalist Christian, a fundamentalist Jew, a fundamentalist Muslim, racists and xenophobia of all kinds, we have absolutely nothing to be glad about.

This is an extract from an article authored in 2011 in reaction to the terrorist attack on Norway by Breivik, the nationalist white supremacists. Sadly, nearly 10 years later the world is even the more polarised. And yes, President Obama has since categorised his handling of Libya as the “worst mistake” of his presidency.

Read the original full article: “Cry! The beloved Norway”

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