Inequality in Uganda Indicator of Success of Neoliberal Capitalism

Many Ugandans are victims of the uncontrolled and inequitable social and economic system that our Country has adopted, the western style neoliberal capitalist system in which structural poverty is inbuilt.

e focus our analysis of development on economic growth and we celebrate our progress in reducing poverty by rattling off statistics surrounding our Country’s gross national product (GNP) and gross domestic product (GDP), which are based on averages.

Therefore, like a “statistician who, with one foot in a bucket of ice and the other in the fire, says ‘on average I am feeling very comfortable'”, our Country’s GNP and GDP statistics are meaningless when applied to the quality of life of the individual citizens of Uganda.

These statistics do not address issues of income distribution in our unequal society of a few opulent elite, while the majority wallows in wide spread and pervasive poverty.

I, Norah Owaraga, first wrote this in June 2011. Sadly, It is still relevant now in May 2019 as Professor Yash Tandon intensifies his criticism of neoliberalism and that is accompanied by imperialism.

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