Conversations with my father on Women’s Day

Papa, it is 8th March, International Women’s Day; and the theme for today’s commemoration is:

“’Choose To Challenge’. This states that women are responsible for their own thoughts and actions every day and they challenge the world every day. The theme further signifies that women can choose to challenge gender bias and inequality in the world. People need to celebrate women’s achievements and also make the world a better place to live in with equality.”

Source: Office Holidays

Papa, I thank you for nurturing and for educating me to be the woman that I am, a truly empowered woman, who has the spine and the muscle to choose to challenge. I thank you also for doing the same for other women in our extended family.

Papa, for example, you did so for Sikolastica Iretor, the daughter of your half brother and for Beatrice Madudu, the daughter of your half sister. When their abusive husbands made their marriages a misery, you provided the enabling environment for Iretor and Madudu to leave those toxic unions. You welcomed them back to your home, our home in Kadoki Village in Pallisa, where they lived until they found their footing.

Sikolastica Iretor

Papa, it is amazing how the three of us, akon apesur (your girls), have formed a formidable team. As I write this blog post, Iretor is busy supervising the construction of my Alinga Farms complex on my land at Ogaramio Village in Kaucho Ward in Pallisa Town Council. And Madudu is on site too, for she will be the resident caretaker and user of one shop.

Madudu on sight of phase one of building the Alinga Farms complex at Ongaramion

Papa, when it is complete, my Ogaramio Alinga Farms complex will consist of shops, accommodation rooms and or stores. Since it is located in a prime location, along the newly refurbished Pallisa-Kumi Highway, my complex should do good business.

Papa, I remember how so proud of me you were when in July 2010 you learnt that I had bought my Ogaramio land. Okay, you didn’t tell me yourself, but you boasted to others who then told me. In comparison to my land size, the way you boasted was a bit exaggerated, I thought then.

Papa, it would appear you were right to boast so, because I have already made a return on my Ogaramio land investment. I paid about 1.6 million shillings for it; and in 2018, when Uganda National Roads Authority (UNRA) wanted a tiny piece of it for road expansion, UNRA paid me nearly 2.9 million shillings for the tiny bit.

Papa, in addition, UNRA also paid me eight hundred and fifty thousand shillings to cover the disturbance fee and my trees which I had planted on the tiny bit of land. So, while I still possess and own the bigger part of my land, I have already made from it all the money that I paid for it and more.

Selfie with papa

Papa, you would be proud of me still. Continue to rest in power, your legacy lives on.

One response to “Conversations with my father on Women’s Day”

  1. This is beautiful ,on women’s day I celebrate my mum sikolastika iretor and you my aunt that she has always told me interesting stories of you and I have always loved to be a woman of grate power like you


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