Greedy barbarians everywhere and at all levels

Men, for the purpose of this post, let us refer to them as ikokolak, went to this woman’s orchard and without her permission they harvested 28 bags of oranges. Loaded them on a vehicle, drove off to the market and sold them.

More specifically, ikokolak handed over the oranges to a middleman, with the promise that the middleman would bring the oranges from up-country to sell in the town or was it the city at a good price and they would make huge profit.

Well, the middleman has since vanished and never paid ikokolak at all; or if at all, ikokolak were paid an amount that did not satisfy them. And so ikokolak have reported the middleman to the police.

Now, the police know the owner of the orchard and when they asked ikokolak whether they sought permission from her and if they paid her for her oranges, ikokolak testified that they did not.

Ikokolak, testified, that for them they paid a known criminal, known to be the agent of a liar, man who falsely claims to own the oranges. The liar falsely claims so, albeit the fact that there is no one in the village who does not know that the woman is the true owner of the orchard.

Now, whether the criminal agent was working under the instruction of the liar is yet to be established, but it seems likely, since the liar as a greedy barbarian of sorts.

The criminal agent and the liar most likely sold the oranges at a low price; a price that enticed ikokolak to commit a crime. For, in effect, since they did not obtain permission from the owner and they did not pay the owner, ikokolak stole the oranges.

The criminal agent and the liar, did not invest anything in the orchard and for them it is okay to benefit from that which they did not sow. Just like most who deal in stolen property, the criminal agent and the liar, most likely sold the oranges at a very very low price.

Well, karma seems to have caught up with ikokolak via the middleman. Me thinks the middleman will also not get away with it eventually. As for the criminal agent and the liar, do they really think that the woman owner is going to rollover and to take it lying down?

Well, if they think so, the only explanation for this level of stupidity is that there is a paranormal hand in it that is confusing the confuser.

I end on a serious note. This is a true story and gender-based violence is for real. It is time that we developed and nurtured a culture in which those who engage in gender-based violence are ostracized. Justice for the woman owner.

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