Africa unite advocated Gaddafi

For many Africans, including Ugandans, we took with a pinch of salt the global-western driven narrative and propaganda machine that devilized Colonel Muamar Gaddafi, prior to his murder. Yes, by all means he was not a saint, but his deeds were not all bad.

He did some good and by the look of things in Libya’s post-Gaddafi era, in comparison, his deeds achieved a greater good. For many in Africa Gaddafi is one among Africa’s heroes and who was murdered for his legacy of:

“Gaddafism – an ideology advocating for a strong, united Africa, which prioritized the interests of the indigenous masses over the interests of the foreign corporate bourgeoisie.”

Counter Currents

Col. Gaddafi was perhaps one of the most committed and genuinely active Pan-Africanists. If Africa were to unite, we would have strength in numbers – our negotiation powers with the rest of the world would be strengthened and we would have created a large market that would be attractive for investors.


The positive impacts of Col. Gaddafi’s good deeds undoubtedly are missed by many in Libya and certainly by a significant section of Africans.

Featured photo @ Anadolu Agency

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