Women, break the silence…

“Breaking the silence is the first step of transforming the culture,” so it is said and it is hoped. The all female cast of “Shame on your hand” opening this weekend at the National Theatre are taking action and doing just that. Accept their invitation. Buy a ticket and show up for them and for you. They call out to you:

“Woman, you are the voice of those without.”

Martha Mwanja Amita

“Woman! You matter!.”

Monica Jacobs Birwinyo

Woman! Look at the silver lining, but it takes action.”

Namuli Daisy Tendo

“Woman! You may not change the world, but say it.”

Shanita Akandinda

“Woman! Don’t allow that abuser to live rent free in your mind.”

Catrinah Naturinda

“Woman! Awaken your mind to the snake.”

Nalwanga Suubi

“Woman! Harrassment of any kind is cowardly.”

Pauline Asiimwe

“Woman! With each sunrise comes an opportunity to blossom in the direction of the flames of greatness.”

Sheena Kemihegyeyo

“Woman! I am telling my story and yours.”

Namusoke Elizabeth

“Woman! Get your man to get it!”

Nakitto Babirye Aidan

“Woman! Don’t fear your story. Tell it.”

Mutesi Vivian Issa

“Woman! Cry out loud! Be heard.”

Viola Najjuko.

You simply can’t afford to miss this …

Featured photo: Pamela Mitchel Isukali, with the ball, playing rugby @ Regina Lunyolo.

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