Rev. Esakan & Rev. Okunya religious leaders who failed to lead by good example

What must we think of organised religion when we read:

“The Rt. Rev. Michael Okwii Esakan has raised 19 complaints against the Rt. Rev. Charles Oode Okunya of the Reformed Anglican Church.” Among the 19 complaints raised are “illegal and forceful conversion of church land; denying access to church property – like places of worship; threatening violence; theft; causing bodily harm; death threats; and vandalism.”

Source: Teso Vibez

What must we think about organised religion really when we read:

“Bishop Okwii is seeking the intervention of security agencies in the intra-Christian wrangles bedevilling Kumi Diocese.” According to him, because, “there are continued attacks by the members of the Reformed Anglican Church and their leader on Kumi Diocese.”

Source: Teso Vibez

Apparently, Bishop Okwii, has more trust, belief, and confidence in Cesar, so to speak, for:

“In a memorandum to the Resident District Commissioners of Bukedea, Kumi, and Ngora, the districts which make up Kumi Diocese, dated 14th August 2022, Bishop Okwii wrote that his Christians, the clergy, the church-founded institutions and property, including worship centres, are under attack and raids by the Reformed Anglican Christians and their leader, the Rt. Rev. Oode.”

Source: Teso Vibez

Source: The Independent

I ask again, what must we then think of organised religion? Now Christians are ranked and grouped according to their respective bishops or what? As in Bishop Okwii’s Christians and Bishop Okunya’s Christians? I beg your pardon?

What has become of Christianity in Uganda? How are we expected then to believe that prayer to the Christian God is the way out of corruption, when those who lead such prayers are finger pointing and fighting among themselves; and not trusting in prayer to solve their problems, but rather trust more in those who answer to Cesar?

On matters the Christian faith in Uganda these days, things are the other way round.

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