36 years Kenya gets 3 first ladies & Uganda one

Next week as the new president of Kenya, His Excellency William Ruto, is sworn into office, his wife, Rachel Ruto will become the third first lady of Kenya in 36 years. You see, when President Museveni took over power as the President of Uganda, in 1986, Kenya’s president at the time was the late Daniel Arap Moi. And even though President Moi was married, he had separated from his wife Lena, and so she never really got to be referred to as first lady.

After Moi, there were the Kibakis, may their souls continue to rest in eternal peace; and then the Kenyattas, the current out-going; thus, giving Kenya First Lady Lucy Muthoni Kibaki and First Lady Margaret Wanjiru Kenyatta, respectively.

First Ladies of Uganda since Independence. It is important to note that President Amin had more six wives, but it is reported that he divorced three of them and so he had at least three wives. It is reported that his favourite wife was Sarah and so she is the only one included here.

As for Uganda, Mrs. Janet Kataha Museveni is our longest serving First Lady, since 1986 to date.

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