Uhuru may have lost Azimio Kenya presidential election

“I would like to go on record stating that Azimio’s overconfidence and grossly underestimating our opponent cost us the presidential election. We assumed the victory was ours because President Uhuru Kenyatta endorsed and actively campaigned for Hon. Raila Amolo Odinga and Hon. Martha Wangari Karua.

Many will recall that Martha’s candidature was well received within the country and across the borders. It was a breath of fresh air and Kenya was well on its way to having its first female Deputy President (DP) not as a token DP, but one with an undeniable and solid track record.

Uhuru did not pick Martha to be Raila’s running mate, although this is the impression he gave in his utterances, leading her to be branded a “project”. It was, in fact, Raila who campaigned hard for Azimio La Umoja to pick Martha as his running mate. Far from being “state projects”, Raila and Martha’s reformist credentials needed no emphasis.

Nevertheless, I vividly recall that every time Uhuru spoke on behalf of the party, we suffered. And because of Uhuru’s incessant and ill-advised utterances, Raila and Martha struggled to shake off the “projects” tag.

Uhuru was the chairman of Azimio, a position that I stated publicly that he should resign from. His presence in Azimio made Kenyans believe Raila and Martha would be a continuation of Uhuru’s presidency. And many Azimio supporters, including myself, questioned whether we could trust Uhuru and his people. My view was that if Uhuru could betray Ruto, he could do the same to Raila.

The Azimio secretariat on the other hand, saw him as an asset, not a liability. Uhuru ended up sabotaging what would otherwise have been a very robust campaign. Raila and Martha were let down by the secretariat together with President Uhuru who seconded clueless advisors to the Azimio secretariat, and those men gave terrible advice. Azimio’s failure to hire a professional campaign team, giving them clear job descriptions and clear deliverables cost us dearly.

Post election day, throughout the entire week, even as Kenya Kwanza shared their numbers, Raila and Martha were given numbers from Azimio’s secretariat that assured them they had won. Looking back, it is now obvious that we were fed with misleading information, up until the very last minute. I couldn’t imagine that lies would come from a secretariat where the chairman of the coalition was the sitting President of Kenya.

The question arises: was this a long con?

This analysis here reproduced was authored and published on his Facebook wall by Mr. Boniface Mwangi, who is a human rights defender based in Nairobi and was a volunteer in the Azimio Presidential Secretariat for Kenya’s 2022 General Elections


Thank you Mr. Mwangi for your deep and honest analysis of what went wrong; and moreover from the perspective of an insider. I took the liberty of reproducing part of your analysis, in good spirit, so as to tickle, firstly, my fellow Ugandans and secondly, the rest of Africa and the whole world too, where the “winner-takes-it-all” democracy is practiced. I have moved things around a bit to ensure the flow. Any addition of words, is just to ensure grammatically and logically correct connections.

Self-reflection after an election is a good practice that we should all adopt, but sadly which is rarely practiced these days. As I read your analysis I kept thinking of all the presidential elections we have had in Uganda in the last 36 years and what opportunities we have let go by because those who ‘lost’ were so bruised to accept responsibility for contributing to own loss.

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