IG be professional & save government money

When I saw the screaming headline: “The Inspectorate of Government (IG) has arrested Moses Otimong, the Fort Portal City Clerk over allegations of corruption and abuse of office,” I immediately did a Google search so I could get the full story. And I was thoroughly disappointed.

The full story was typical of how the IG does such a shoddy job of investigating before arrest and prosecution. In this case, in fact, the IG has hit a new low.

“Mr Otimong will be investigated on the allegations of absenteeism from office and failing service delivery to the people.”

Ms. Ali Munira, The IG Spokesperson quoted in the Daily Monitor.

Arrested on basis of allegations not investigated! And what evidence I pray will the IG adduce that demonstrates the individual, Mr. Otimong, as the one “failing service delivery to the people”? Surely, the IG by now should know that arresting and defaming accounting officers in the press before an investigation has been done is how the state loses cases.

As IGG Kamya articulated her excuse for failing to catch the big fish, so does the principle of adducing evidence apply for the small fish, such as Mr. Otimong, as well.

The Inspector General of Government (IGG) Beti Kamya, quoted in The New Vision

You can imagine the likely possibility that Otimong is able to fight the allegations in a court of law, what next?

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