Ladies, stop woman-on-woman cyber bullying as well

I have seen on a social media profile of a slay queen (I presume) a picture of the wedded wife of Kakwenza Rukirabashaija carrying her baby boy, both mother and child looking visibly distraught. I assume that the picture was taken at one of the times when her husband was tortured and in detention. She is wearing a mask, so it was during the pandemic times. She is sitting in a waiting area. The slay queen captioned the picture:

“When you read Kakwenza Rukirabashaija’s tweets about other women, you’ll think he has the most beautiful wife. Here is Kakwenza’s wife looking like an unfinished building, reason he doesn’t even post her. So you work on your wife fist, before you attach beautiful women.”

The slay queen, of course, was playing to the gallery of one – the one whom many now think they must fan the ego in order to be in things.

I share this post not to condone abuse and cyber bullying in anyway, whether it be by Kakwenza or anybody else. I am, however, compelled to do so, in order to point out that what the slay queen achieved was woman-on-woman gender based violence and cyber bullying. As well as meting out violence on an innocent child.

And, moreover, for this particular case the slay queen was totally off-base. We, who know Kakwenza’s wife (even though from afar), know that she is beautiful in and out and Kakwenza is lucky to have her. Posting a picture of her distraught and disheveled, likely because her husband was abducted, tortured and is in detention, only wins more sympathy for her and her family, including her husband.

I chose not to re-share the offensive post of the slay queen, which would have given it life.

Image @ Oxfam

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