Uganda endowed with great spiritual tourism sites including world’s smallest church

Located in Nebbi District in North-Western Uganda, Biku Prayer Mountain hosts Bethel Church, the smallest church in the world. This is according to the Guinness Book of Records. It is the smallest church in the world for it stands at eight feet tall; is 2.5 meters wide; and can only accommodate three people, including the worship leader – priest or pastor or preacher, etc.

Even though I have visited Nebbi on at least two occasions, while I worked for the Change Agent Training Programme, I only got to learn of the existence of Biku Prayer Mountain yesterday via Ivan Elvis’s Twitter space @IvanElvisOne. After which I became curious to know more about it. I Googled it and I found a detailed story on it published in the New Vision on 7th January 2014 titled: “World tiniest church stands in Nebbi.” I was pleasantly surprised.

Through the story in the New Vision, I was delighted to learn that Biku Prayer Mountain was founded in 1996 by Pastor Song, a Korean, together with the retired Archbishop of Church of Uganda, His Lordship Henry Luke Orombi. Knowing His Lordship Orombi’s passion for evangelism and one’s spiritual connection and journey with God, it makes sense that he had a hand in the founding of Biku Prayer Mountain.

Photo @ Ivan Elvis @IvanElvisOne inside Bethel Church.

I learnt more about Biku Prayer Mountain from UgandaWiki’s post: “World’s Smallest Church in Uganda,” which clarified for me that Biku Prayer Mountain consists of eight prayer points, each uniquely designed to uplift one’s spirit in a special way. The eighth point is Bethel Church, which according to UgandaWiki “is widely known by the locals for its healing powers.” Certainly, Biku Prayer Mountain is now on the top of my next tourist destination wish list.

The projected 298,000 people of Nebbi District are predominantly of the Alur first nation of Uganda. The current leader of the Alur is His Royal Majesty Rwoth Ubimu Phillip Olarker Rauni III. Learn more about him and his people through the Alur Kingdom website.


Profiled photo of Bethel Church @ Ivan Elvis @IvanElvisOne

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