The power of witchcraft over Ugandans is real

“Shocking. Sometimes people engaging in witchcraft are those you least expect to have time for it.”

Daily Monitor

As for me, I am no longer shocked by it. I actually believe that those least expected to believe and practice in witchcraft in Uganda are actually the ones who do so the most. Case point, on Easter Monday 2023, my relatives tried it on me. It is possible that they believed it would cause me harm; or maybe it was simply to scare me.

The suspected relatives who placed witchcraft on my gate claim to be Christians. Some born-gain and of the kind who need to tell everyone about it. Yes, belief and practice of Christianity in Uganda is seemingly mostly for the optics and commerce – leaders and followers alike don’t understand the central logic of Christianity.

They who placed witchcraft on my gate went through “formal schooling”. They are the ones categorised “educated” in Uganda, for they have “papers.” They claim to be educated as lawyers, teachers, hoteliers. No wonder, our Ugandan education qualifications are sometimes doubted.

As for me, witchcraft on my gate didn’t scare me at all. It simply revealed to me their desperation and who they really are. I took it off my gate. I was going to dump it in the dumpster, but my neighbours advised that I should simply say a prayer, pour paraffin over it and burn it. And so I did.

Finally, I am an Atesot princess who is protected by the spirits of my ancestors whose power is strong and alive. I am not to be messed around with funny, funny witchcraft. If you are going to take that route, know my late grandfather, the chief, had abilai (spirit shrines) in his homestead.

Even after the advent of Christianity and the abilai were outlawed and demonised, caution is advised. The abilai in my late grandfather’s homestead were removed, but there are indications that the spirits are within. For example, it is believed they reside in my late grandfather’s house, resting and on the ready to be deployed. A story for another day.

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