Sexual Pacification in Politics in Uganda

When women persist in participating in politics, they are asked - “what kind of a woman are you? You are big-headed”.

I am Alinga

Culturally, my first name is Alinga. A week after I was born I was named in an Iteso naming ceremony. I was named after the mother of my father, my grandmother Ajakait Joyce Mary Alinga. My name Alinga is part of my social capital. Within Iteso culture the name that one is given signifies one’s… Continue reading I am Alinga

Urban-slumitisation of villages, land dispossession and food insecurity in Teso

Introduction: In 1959, the Iteso were the second largest nationality in Uganda and by 2002 they were the fifth largest - making up at least 6.4 percent of Uganda’s population (Uganda Bureau of Statistics 2006). This paper uses the example of Teso (the area – in North-Eastern Uganda) and Iteso (the people) but the analysis… Continue reading Urban-slumitisation of villages, land dispossession and food insecurity in Teso

Akiring n’ebaga (Christmas meat) in Teso – Part I

Christmas without beef is not Christmas among us Iteso. You may not have beef throughout the year, but at Christmas it is not acceptable not to have beef. Within Iteso rural classes, in fact, if you have no beef at Christmas you are among the absolute poorest of the poor. It is a shame on… Continue reading Akiring n’ebaga (Christmas meat) in Teso – Part I

Uganda, subsidise agriculture for food

On Tuesday, 28th October 2014, from 8:20 to 9:00 am, I participated as the guest discussant on the programme: “Talk Back” on Radio One 90FM. The topic of discussion was taxes on agriculture versus subsidies for agriculture. Here below is the transcript of what I said: It is not a blanket subsidise agriculture. You can have… Continue reading Uganda, subsidise agriculture for food