The State Regulating School Fees is Counterproductive

I agree with the school of thought that regulating school fees by placing a minimum and a maximum that schools can charge, without taking into consideration the cost of living is counterproductive to education objectives. Clipping from the New Vision of Friday, 23.09.2022 And the culture of formulating and passing laws without consulting all stakeholders… Continue reading The State Regulating School Fees is Counterproductive

Call for women in agribusiness business acceleration program

I have checked this out. The application seems very easy to complete. Thank you DFCU Bank and Rabo Bank. If, after the death of my late papa, my criminal step brother is not attempting to grab my land by cutting down my orchard valued at Shs. 250 million, I would be applying to this seemingly… Continue reading Call for women in agribusiness business acceleration program

Many food poor because of entitlement failure

There is an urgent need for Uganda to move the debate away from the fallacy of: "Smallholder farmers in Uganda are subsistence farmers and that is why they are food poor; needing help to move from subsistence farming to modern farming." Our smallholder farmers feed our nation and beyond and so it can't be about… Continue reading Many food poor because of entitlement failure

Failed Matooke economics

They say we cannot export fresh matooke to the US. Why, because they are blocking markets for importers of bananas from Latin America. And so, they label our bananas as problematic - as likely to bring in unwanted pests, blah, blah. Really, how problematic are our bananas? Anyway, that is how we end up with… Continue reading Failed Matooke economics

What should have been discussed on Labour Day

I recall reading a piece in which a non-Ugandan shared with glee that one of the major reasons she liked living in Uganda was because she could go to the market with the equivalent of ten dollars or less and be able to buy fresh food items, including loads of fruit and vegetables, that could… Continue reading What should have been discussed on Labour Day