Failed Matooke economics

They say we cannot export fresh matooke to the US. Why, because they are blocking markets for importers of bananas from Latin America. And so, they label our bananas as problematic - as likely to bring in unwanted pests, blah, blah. Really, how problematic are our bananas? Anyway, that is how we end up with… Continue reading Failed Matooke economics

What should have been discussed on Labour Day

I recall reading a piece in which a non-Ugandan shared with glee that one of the major reasons she liked living in Uganda was because she could go to the market with the equivalent of ten dollars or less and be able to buy fresh food items, including loads of fruit and vegetables, that could… Continue reading What should have been discussed on Labour Day

Rewarding culture of saving for investment

So, on Thursday, I had the opportunity to go into the city for work. I used the chance also to go to my favorite Capital Shopper's supermarket branch, the one at Nakawa. You see, it is only there that I usually find my favorite hair and skin products. When I do find them I buy… Continue reading Rewarding culture of saving for investment

Lock down relief a band-aid on failed policies

No longer designate, and with a full mandate since her approval by Parliament, no doubt, the Prime Minister Rtn. Hon. Nabbanja Robinah and her team are doing their very best to do better than her predecessor in handling of covid-19 lock down relief packages to ‘needy Ugandans'. Unlike her predecessor, Rtn. Hon. Nabbanja’s team has… Continue reading Lock down relief a band-aid on failed policies

44 trillion budget will it bring doctors?

The World Health Organisation (WHO) recommended doctor to population ratio is at least 20 medical doctors per 10,000 people, as in a the WHO recommended doctor to population ratio is 1:500. In Pallisa District, my home district in Eastern Uganda, for example, the doctor to population ratio is 1:45,854; more than four 92 times higher… Continue reading 44 trillion budget will it bring doctors?