Smell of coffee deal is in the air

The Uganda Vinci Coffee Company Ltd deal with government is simply but just the latest symptom of systemic government policy and practice that favours so-called foreign investors over Ugandan born genuine innovators and investors. Sadly, my thesis of 2014 continues to hold true; and thus my plea that we should close Uganda's market also continues… Continue reading Smell of coffee deal is in the air

Easter Saturday food prices

Eggs - half a tray (15 eggs) - Shs 4,600 (which is about Shs 300 per egg)Irish potatoes - 12 small ones - Shs 2,000 (which is about Shs 167 per potato)African egg plants - 26 pieces - Shs 800 (which is about Shs 31 per eggplant)Eggplants - 3 pieces - Shs 1,000 (which is… Continue reading Easter Saturday food prices

Uganda pays high salaries

Uganda made it onto the list of ten African countries with the highest average monthly salaries; taking the 10th position, with an average monthly salary of USD 738 (about 2.6 million shillings). Uganda's average monthly salary, by the way, is an amount that is higher than Uganda’s gross domestic product (GDP), which, in 2021, was… Continue reading Uganda pays high salaries

‘Rolex’ & Russia-Ukraine war

Dear fellow Ugandans, some of you are content that the Russian-Ukraine war is far away and has no direct consequence to your daily lives. Wrong. Think about wheat-based goodies that Ugandans have come to prioritize in our diets – daddies, bread, cakes, etc. Food for thought, is there a celebratory function in Uganda these days… Continue reading ‘Rolex’ & Russia-Ukraine war

Rest well Professor Mutebile

"I will ensure that oil money is spend on agriculture and infrastructure and not on consumption... If that money is badly used, I will resign because I cannot be party to corruption. Bank of Uganda Governor, Professor Emmanuel Tumusiime Mutebile, 2010 (quoted by Daily Monitor And now he is gone before the oil comes out… Continue reading Rest well Professor Mutebile