Online Banking Not Caught On In Uganda

When we explained to them that those very cards that they use for making ATM withdrawals, they could use to do an online transaction, they simply did not want to do so for various reasons.

Trending in Uganda: Agent Banking

“There is this new thing in Africa that I don't understand. It's called Agent Banking. A store/shop acts as an agent to a bank, or several banks. The same store is also an agent to a telco's mobile money business. The agents are in remote places where banks don't want/can't afford to set up branches.… Continue reading Trending in Uganda: Agent Banking

#6bnhandshake; we are inhumane

“Back to the things that matter, in Bukedea, a basin of dried cassava right now costs a whooping Ugx. 25,000/=; cassava is now being called white gold”, writes a social media friend. “Back to the things that matter”,  one infers, means back from discussing the 6bn handshake bonuses that another, moreover, one considered a public servant,… Continue reading #6bnhandshake; we are inhumane

Uganda’s political parties no different ideologically

A couple of years back, when Uganda’s leader of the ‘opposition’ at that time, Nandala Mafabi, led a walkout as the President read the Country’s budget for the year, I could not help but sigh in frustration, for this was an example of the shenanigans, which the ‘opposition’ in Uganda has perfected so well. Some… Continue reading Uganda’s political parties no different ideologically