Sanitizing Daughters of Uganda

Dr. Stella Nyanzi wrote on her Face Book wall: “Considering that the police officers will interrogate me about my social media posts critiquing Janet Kataaha Museveni for shamelessly declaring in parliament that there is no money to buy sanitary pads for Uganda's poor daughters who stay out of school during their menstruation, I have decided… Continue reading Sanitizing Daughters of Uganda

#6bnhandshake; we are inhumane

“Back to the things that matter, in Bukedea, a basin of dried cassava right now costs a whooping Ugx. 25,000/=; cassava is now being called white gold”, writes a social media friend. “Back to the things that matter”,  one infers, means back from discussing the 6bn handshake bonuses that another, moreover, one considered a public servant,… Continue reading #6bnhandshake; we are inhumane

Corruption and human engineered disasters

We have manmade disasters and then we have natural disasters. There are very many manmade disasters which are systemically obviously going to happen. People like to talk about the word corruption as a vague abstract term. Corruption is not vague, corruption is not abstract. For corruption to take place there has to be the person… Continue reading Corruption and human engineered disasters

Ugandans die not because of Cancer but neglect

“Thinking about why cancer patients opt for treatment in India. Hi, my name is Tindi am a cancer survivor. First of all this is what I observed. Uganda has fewer than 10 or even less oncologists to serve a population of I think 40 million or more people. There is simply no capacity to handle cancer… Continue reading Ugandans die not because of Cancer but neglect

Culture and economics determine the food that we eat

1 kg of matooke in Canada costs CDN$10.00, the equivalent of about Ush 23,870; while it costs on average Ush 3,570, the equivalent of CDN$1.50, in Uganda.