Uganda gifted by nature and cursed

The mistake has been to make the investors deal with the landowners, they should deal with the government; and then the government will deal with the landowners. You just tell those villagers to get out. You cannot stop the State from accessing its assets. We shall sort it out, we shall amend the Act. In… Continue reading Uganda gifted by nature and cursed

Discourse on food insecurity in Africa is alarmist

If food be that which contains or consists of essential nutrients and when it is ingested by a human being it facilitates the production of energy, stimulates growth and maintains life. The prevailing paradigm within which issues of food security are discussed in relation to Africa is alarmist and perpetuates myths that have so colonised… Continue reading Discourse on food insecurity in Africa is alarmist

Culture and economics determine the food that we eat

1 kg of matooke in Canada costs CDN$10.00, the equivalent of about Ush 23,870; while it costs on average Ush 3,570, the equivalent of CDN$1.50, in Uganda.