Unfair Trade and Economic Injustice against Women in Uganda

"(Colonial government) officials, missions (Christian missionaries), and elite cotton-growing Africans (men) regarded women as too powerful and independent, threatening their progress agenda. They therefore saw official violence not as traditional or part of a defence of customary law, but as an innovative and progressive way of dealing with women who were central to the farming… Continue reading Unfair Trade and Economic Injustice against Women in Uganda

Ugandans die not because of Cancer but neglect

“Thinking about why cancer patients opt for treatment in India. Hi, my name is Tindi am a cancer survivor. First of all this is what I observed. Uganda has fewer than 10 or even less oncologists to serve a population of I think 40 million or more people. There is simply no capacity to handle cancer… Continue reading Ugandans die not because of Cancer but neglect

Kenyatta’s day in court is Africa’s day in court

The insistence of the global-west, through the International Criminal Court (ICC), to put President Kenyatta in the dock gives me indigestion. The reactionary me, would urge the President not to dignify the farce - for that is all it is, a farce. The sensible rational me fails to see the greater good that will come… Continue reading Kenyatta’s day in court is Africa’s day in court

Uganda’s political parties no different ideologically

A couple of years back, when Uganda’s leader of the ‘opposition’ at that time, Nandala Mafabi, led a walkout as the President read the Country’s budget for the year, I could not help but sigh in frustration, for this was an example of the shenanigans, which the ‘opposition’ in Uganda has perfected so well. Some… Continue reading Uganda’s political parties no different ideologically

Bride Price: African Elites a Big Letdown

Some time back, Ugandans were jolted into our realities by the story of Alupot, the woman who was forced by her husband to breast feed dogs. This story rocked the core of humanity. Whilst many expressed their total disbelief that this could happen in Uganda, arguably, in reality, Alupot is not one of a kind… Continue reading Bride Price: African Elites a Big Letdown