Commission of Inquiry Into Land Matters Terms of Reference

During the past week the Commission has come under scrutiny about how it is handling the inquiry. For context here are its terms of reference.

#M7OnLand: Note to President Museveni

Wait a minute, isn’t it in fact the case that the right of Ugandans to “block government from running its projects” is enshrined in the Constitution of the Republic of Uganda and it is those rights that you, Mr. President, want removed from the Constitution, as you and your Executive have proposed in Bill 133 of 2017 Amending Article 26 of the Constitution?

Land as Collateral for Loans in Uganda is Tricky

Uganda’s dualist land tenure system foments land conflicts, which paralyse and negatively impact economic activity for long periods of time.

Uganda’s Legally Sanctioned Ethnocide of Customary Tenure

“This status quo – land grabbing sanctioned by state law - is the root cause of raging land conflicts in Uganda – amongst families, clans and ethnic groups. Sadly, the Uganda National Land Policy 2013 embodies the hall marks of Uganda state law - undermining the first nations – thus it effectively facilitates land grabbing.”… Continue reading Uganda’s Legally Sanctioned Ethnocide of Customary Tenure

Uganda’s Land Justice Practices Out of Sync with its Laws

“The Acholi-Madhavani Group case illustrated the complexities of the duality of Uganda’s land tenure: multilayered authority over land, disputes over ownership and the nature of user interests (Deininger and Castagnini, 2006; Fitzpatrick, 2005; Ministry of Lands, Housing and Urban Development, 2011; Mabikke, 2011). In essence, chaos is built within Uganda’s current land tenure systems: the… Continue reading Uganda’s Land Justice Practices Out of Sync with its Laws