Cultural Institutions on Land Matters

Do you have the legitimacy to push for so-called "regularisation" of land that is held under customary tenure, through registering it via certificates of customary tenure? In accordance with the laws of Uganda, if you are not a cultural institution of the first nations of Uganda – such as of the Iteso, my people; or… Continue reading Cultural Institutions on Land Matters

Rotational Grazing African Wisdom

“This is to show how tall the grass can grow after letting this paddock lay fallow for four months. Grass grows by itself when you leave it for about four months.”President Yoweri Kagutta Museveni This was the caption to a photo that was published on the ‘Face Book wall’ of President Museveni in November 2017.… Continue reading Rotational Grazing African Wisdom

Value of Ancestors’ Graves

The hypothesis being that one can tell who the current actors on Uganda’s land scene are by how they answer the question: “What is the value of my ancestors’ graves?” Particularly, in the context of the increasing possibility that one might be forced to value one’s ancestors’ remains and their graves, when a particular kind… Continue reading Value of Ancestors’ Graves

Disruption of Karimojong Pastoralists’ Lives

Case in point, the Uganda Investment Authority (UIA), prioritising interests for extracting minerals from under Karamoja's land, in Kautokou. “The issue of the land of Kautokou is a result of deceit like of you the educated.” Karimojong Elder quoted in "Take Anything, Leave our Land," a publication by KDF Karimojong communities that are affected are… Continue reading Disruption of Karimojong Pastoralists’ Lives

Land Grabbing in Uganda is Sanctioned by State Law

The transformation of Uganda's land tenure from communal systems to individual ownership systems, is one of the major ways in which Ugandans have been disempowered by 'modern governance'.