COVID-19 Confirms Parliament Out-of-touch

There is a video clip of a session of the Parliament of the Republic of Uganda that is doing rounds on social media. The clip shows members of parliament (MPs) scrambling for a microphone, in order that they may get a chance to query COVID-19 relief food procured and is being distributed by the COVID-19… Continue reading COVID-19 Confirms Parliament Out-of-touch

COVID-19 Outs Presidents’ Leadership Styles

"Whereas it is indeed problematic to ‘worship’ leaders and allow them to grow strong wings to enable them fly against the will of the people, the current Magufuli wave does not support the exact point you are making. It has been hijacked and ‘forced’ onto the thesis you want to make."Bwesigye Mwesigire, 2015 Mweigire concluded… Continue reading COVID-19 Outs Presidents’ Leadership Styles

Kudos to Hon. Sarah Achieng Opendi

Honourable Sarah Achieng Opendi is the only Member of Parliament (MP) who voted not to turn 15 municipalities into unviable cities. It is reported that the gist of her submission, as to why she voted against it, is that it would be irrational to turn these municipalities into cities without first assuring that the ‘new’… Continue reading Kudos to Hon. Sarah Achieng Opendi

Sensible Government Policies for Food Security

Sensible government policies is too much to ask from ignorant bureaucrats who think lizards are a sustainable solution to food scarcity. How many lizards are there in the Teso region? It would require time to start raising lizards sufficiently to address the shortage. The late Kibirige Sebunya advised villagers to eat the monkeys that were… Continue reading Sensible Government Policies for Food Security

Letter to President Museveni

Thursday, 10th March 2016 President Yoweri Kagutta Museveni, Your Excellency, the President of the Republic of Uganda, Your Excellency, the President Elect of the Republic of Uganda, State House, Kampala, Uganda. Dear Mr. President, I know you are a busy man, so I will come straight to the point. As a sub-part of society, it… Continue reading Letter to President Museveni