Hon. Orone to extend electricity in Gogonyo

Hon. Derick Orone, newly elected member of parliament representing Gogonyo County in Pallisa District, during campaigns promised thus: “Leadership is not for enriching yourself, but to serve people’s interests and this is what I am going to offer. People need transparent and accountable leadership... I will ensure extension of electricity in some areas without power… Continue reading Hon. Orone to extend electricity in Gogonyo

Arise Women of Karamoja, Make History

We should normalise a saying that “behind every successful Ugandan woman there is a man.” We should not be okay with only the men leading at the front while we simply play a support role.

Cry Karamoja Women!

When push comes to shove, as the national cake is divided during a Cabinet meeting, whose interests will the current ministers of Karamoja Affairs prioritise? Will it be those of their constituencies in the greater south or those of the Karimojong?

Karimojong Women Marginalised

In the 80 strong Cabinet of Uganda, none of the ministers, full or state, are Karimojong women. Why is it the case? What is the justification for it?

Ugandan Women Marginalised

Women, are 51 percent of our population. How come, President Museveni does not take our numeric strength into consideration, when appointing Ministers?