Food and Nutrition Policy and Culture

A person may be food insecure while surrounded by plenty of food. For example, if the available food is not culturally acceptable to that person. Culture is a possible reason as to why Ugandans widely consume foods, such as cassava, that tilt food intake radically toward protein-poor, vitamin-deficient starches and fibre. For many Iteso, for… Continue reading Food and Nutrition Policy and Culture

Public Transport Part II – the health stop

We had to do it all in the bushes. My fellow passengers who had to respond to the call of nature, had no choice but to add on to what others had left behind in the buses in the past, and the evidence was all there in different shapes, sizes and age.

Public Transport Part I – Kudos Kakise Bus

I was pleasantly surprised. The bus interior was clean and well organised (two seats to the left and tree seats to the right) – similar to the arrangement of seats on air planes. There was none of that rusted metal that you fear will give you tetanus.

Genuine African Polygamy

Polygamy is legal in Uganda - in law and in practice. Most recently, Kenya has legalised polygamy in law, although it was already widely practiced in Kenya.  Kenyan men have claimed this as a victory, but is it really? Just wondering, when did polygamy, the way in which it is practiced within the genuine Africa culture… Continue reading Genuine African Polygamy

Men behaving badly

President Museveni justified his accession to the homosexuality bill on the basis that he sought and got scientific opinions from scientists the world over. Including, Ugandan scientists affiliated to the departments of genetics, the school of medicine and the ministry of health. Apparently the scientists were unanimous in their conclusion that homosexuality is not genetic… Continue reading Men behaving badly