I am delighted to be able to access to you some of my writing in form of easy to read ePDFs that you can download free of charge. Here below is the list, so far, and with the links embedded in each title:

ePDF #01: Letter to President Museveni

ePDF #02 Disruptive ‘Development’ on Pastoralists’ Lives

ePDF #03: The Woman Landowner

ePDF #04: Going back to our roots

ePDF #05: Uganda’s Official Language is English

ePDF #06: Uganda’s Disappearing Cultures

ePDF #07: Going back to our roots

ePDF #08: Findings Discussion – Prevalence of Tuberculosis in Northern Uganda

ePDF #09: Use of GeneXpert in Northern Uganda

ePDF #10: Research Briefing – Tuberculosis in Northern Uganda

When you have had a chance to read, please do take the time to give me some feedback, by commenting on this page. THANK YOU!

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