Disruptive ‘Development’ on Patoralists’ Lives

This analysis is authored on the premise that there is a need to examine how historical factors, cultural factors, social institutions – formal policies, informal beliefs and traditions – have facilitated or not the ability of Karimojong to produce their own food; to earn and afford food; while enjoying their chosen way of life as semi-nomadic pastoralists. The ePDF for “Disruptive ‘Development’ on Pastoralists’ Lives” is available to download free through this link.

The Woman Landowner

This, my real life testimony, makes a good case for allowing the evolution of Uganda’s Customary Land Tenure. The ePDF of “The Woman Landowner” is available to download free of charge through this link.

Going back to our roots

“Going back to our roots” is a reflective journey that I take and that allows me to appreciate the impact that being named after my paternal grandmother has had on me. I invite you to download the epdf through this link.

Letter to the President Museveni

This remains the top post of this blog and the epdf is available to download here