Greedy barbarians everywhere and at all levels

Men, for the purpose of this post, let us refer to them as ikokolak, went to this woman's orchard and without her permission they harvested 28 bags of oranges. Loaded them on a vehicle, drove off to the market and sold them. More specifically, ikokolak handed over the oranges to a middleman, with the promise… Continue reading Greedy barbarians everywhere and at all levels

High return on investment in akiring n’ebaga (Christmas meat) – Part II

Food for thought, are there investors who would like to invest in a akiring n’ebaga (Christmas meat) enterprise in Teso? It is a sure deal win-win for all. Let us do the math with a case study. In 2014, at the beginning of the year, my aunts, like many in rural areas of Teso, each… Continue reading High return on investment in akiring n’ebaga (Christmas meat) – Part II

Totems of Karamoja and cultural tourism

According to my friend, Lomuria Betty Konyen, in Karamoja every ethnic group has a totem, which are largely animals; this signifies how the Karamojong’s life is entrenched in animals, both domestic and wild. For example, according to Lomuria, some of the totems are:   Ngi-Matheniko – Giraffe - Ekori (they are Ngikorio).Ngi-Bokora – Turtle –… Continue reading Totems of Karamoja and cultural tourism

Preserve Kidepo Safari Lodge as a historic site

Dear Ministry of Tourism, Wildlife and Antiquities, it is your responsibility to actively engage in the “safe keeping of historic sites and monuments” of our country. Kidepo Safari Lodge is such a historic site. Kidepo Safari Lodge - Photo Credit: Emmanuel Owaraga II on Instagram or on Facebook First of all, Kidepo Safari Lodge is… Continue reading Preserve Kidepo Safari Lodge as a historic site

Why is Kidepo Safari Lodge still in ruins?

Recently, I had the thrill of visiting and touring Kidepo Safari Lodge, now renamed Katurum Lodge Kidepo. It is located on Katurum Rocks of Kidepo Valley National Park and was apparently built in 1971 during the reign of President Idi Amin Dada Oumee. Certainly, without a doubt, Kidepo Safari Lodge is clearly one of President… Continue reading Why is Kidepo Safari Lodge still in ruins?