Site Reach

Best performing year was 2016, with 71 posts and over 29.4k views from over 17.2k visitors from 139 different geographies from around the world; and the top ten were: Uganda 40%; European Union 15%; United States of America 13%; United Kingdom 5%; Kenya and Norway 13% each; South Africa 2%; and Germany, Canada and Tanzania 1% each. Also, my top post, I published in 2016. Second best year was 2015 with 46 posts and 16.6k views by over 9.8k visitors; then 2017 with 58 posts and over 15.9k views by over 8k visitors; then 2018 with 40 posts and over15.3k views by over 6.9k visitors; then 2019 with 42 posts and over 8.4k views by over 3.4k visitors; and lastly 2014 (half a year) with 41 posts and over 2.2k views by over 1.4k visitors.