Call to protect & promote our indigenous food

Commenting on my analysis in which I used the changing composition of atap, the staple food of Iteso, the fifth largest first nation of Uganda, to demonstrate how Iteso food is being degraded readers of this website commented thus: “Thanks for highlighting articulately the importance of indigenous foods in our diets. Socio-cultural change must be… Continue reading Call to protect & promote our indigenous food

Legacy of Ejakait Eng. G. W. O. Owaraga – Nikye’s Ainyonyo

It has been eight months since Ejakait Engineer George William Obityo Owaraga, the Chief of the Ikaribwok Isekielio Clan of the Iteso and King George of Entebbe, my father, rested early morning on 1st November 2020. As his cultural mother, I, Ajakait Esta Norah Alinga Owaraga, who is named after his late mother, Ajakait Joyce… Continue reading Legacy of Ejakait Eng. G. W. O. Owaraga – Nikye’s Ainyonyo

Makerere fire is ancestors’ warning: decolonize

These past couple of days, I have been reflecting on the power of a name. Specifically, the meaning to which we attach to our name; the meaning that others attach to our name; and what reactions our name elicits. Does our name keep us rooted within the culture of our ancestors or does it render… Continue reading Makerere fire is ancestors’ warning: decolonize

African Hairstyles for Beauty & Liberation

In our African societies, it used to be that braid patterns and hairstyles indicated a person’s community, age, marital status, wealth, power, social position, and religion. Our hairstyles for both men and women, it follows, therefore, were a powerful identification code system. For example, among the Iteso, my people, currently the fifth largest first nation… Continue reading African Hairstyles for Beauty & Liberation

Acholi Reconciliation Justice

The media as been abuzz with commentary that was ignited by photos of Matthew Kanyamunyu, while he was at the ancestral home of Kenneth Watmon Akena (RIP), the man he is accused of killing, showing him seemingly going through rituals that are part of Acholi reconciliation justice. Kenneth Watom Akena (RIP) It is fascinating how… Continue reading Acholi Reconciliation Justice