When ‘expert advice’ is the problem

"We have copied ideas and skills that work elsewhere and brought them to our part of the world. We teach the local people different styles and dissuade them the life styles that have withstood the test of times. We teach people that local foods are not good for nutrition and after some time we come… Continue reading When ‘expert advice’ is the problem

Iteso groundnuts PHH and value addition

So, the other day, I dropped in to see my sister, Iretor Sikola, daughter of Papa Otim, a brother to my late father. I had heard she was not well, but look what I found. I found her seated in a shade sorting the damaged groundnuts from the good ones from her recent harvest.Iretor at… Continue reading Iteso groundnuts PHH and value addition

Lock down relief a band-aid on failed policies

No longer designate, and with a full mandate since her approval by Parliament, no doubt, the Prime Minister Rtn. Hon. Nabbanja Robinah and her team are doing their very best to do better than her predecessor in handling of covid-19 lock down relief packages to ‘needy Ugandans'. Unlike her predecessor, Rtn. Hon. Nabbanja’s team has… Continue reading Lock down relief a band-aid on failed policies

Modernisation & ‘urban-slumitisation’ of villages

The case of Teso. Change processes taking place in villages in Teso, include changes in the behaviour of Teso village dwellers from their traditional practices to those which mimic practices of Ugandan urban dwellers who have adopted practices normally characteristic of the global west. One such change in behaviour is the habit of drinking in… Continue reading Modernisation & ‘urban-slumitisation’ of villages

Let us re-celebrate “grow to eat” over “buy to eat”

It started with me wanting to reduce the cost of buying banana leaves for cooking. So, last year in April 2020, in the midst of the first Uganda covid-19 induced lock down for the first wave of the pandemic, I asked our Catherine for banana suckers. Our bunch of matooke And now in the middle… Continue reading Let us re-celebrate “grow to eat” over “buy to eat”