Is development the best contraceptive? – Part I: New Malthusian View

The New (Neo) Malthusian view is that population growth is the cause of poverty. Therefore, according to this view, the best solution to the population problem is to reduce birth rates, in order that development takes place. The view of development implied here seems to be the one held by the modernist and interventionist perspectives… Continue reading Is development the best contraceptive? – Part I: New Malthusian View

The presidential initiative Emyooga what is it?

“Is Emyooga an acronym or a word in a Ugandan language?” This question was put to me by a colleague, a non-Ugandan, a prolific thinker, who does extensive empirical research in Uganda. And it dawned on me that even though I was actively discussing Emyooga I really didn't know what it is and what it… Continue reading The presidential initiative Emyooga what is it?

Value of Ancestors’ Graves

The hypothesis being that one can tell who the current actors on Uganda’s land scene are by how they answer the question: “What is the value of my ancestors’ graves?” Particularly, in the context of the increasing possibility that one might be forced to value one’s ancestors’ remains and their graves, when a particular kind… Continue reading Value of Ancestors’ Graves

Iteso Food Degraded – Atap Composition

There is evidence that ‘Urban-slumitisation’ of Iteso villages, which is done in the name of “development” or “modernization” and which has stealthily changed the way in which land and food crops are utilized, has significantly contributed to degrading the composition of atap. Atap of millet. Atap, often mistranslated as millet bread, is the staple food… Continue reading Iteso Food Degraded – Atap Composition

2018/19 Budget 2 be Disregarded 2

It has become the norm for the president to issue decrees that re-allocate resources from one approved budget vote to another un-budgeted vote. What does this say about all those civil servants and politicians who made and approved the plans and budgets or were with him when they made or approved the budgets? How does… Continue reading 2018/19 Budget 2 be Disregarded 2