Iteso groundnuts PHH and value addition

So, the other day, I dropped in to see my sister, Iretor Sikola, daughter of Papa Otim, a brother to my late father. I had heard she was not well, but look what I found. I found her seated in a shade sorting the damaged groundnuts from the good ones from her recent harvest.Iretor at… Continue reading Iteso groundnuts PHH and value addition

Let us re-celebrate “grow to eat” over “buy to eat”

It started with me wanting to reduce the cost of buying banana leaves for cooking. So, last year in April 2020, in the midst of the first Uganda covid-19 induced lock down for the first wave of the pandemic, I asked our Catherine for banana suckers. Our bunch of matooke And now in the middle… Continue reading Let us re-celebrate “grow to eat” over “buy to eat”

Call to protect & promote our indigenous food

Commenting on my analysis in which I used the changing composition of atap, the staple food of Iteso, the fifth largest first nation of Uganda, to demonstrate how Iteso food is being degraded readers of this website commented thus: “Thanks for highlighting articulately the importance of indigenous foods in our diets. Socio-cultural change must be… Continue reading Call to protect & promote our indigenous food

We live our lives once, stay rooted in our people’s culture

I read this article a few minutes ago, "Going back to our roots," by Norah Owaraga", and liked it for the fact that it signals to fellow Africans, Ugandans to embrace their cultural diversity, norms, and values as part of success in the future. I really agree with the writer that what we do today… Continue reading We live our lives once, stay rooted in our people’s culture

On Land Tenure, Uganda Go Back to Our Roots

Access to land is a major constraint, and only a small fraction of urban farmers own their land. For those with access to land, urban farming is associated with higher levels of household food security and child nutrition.Daniel G. Maxwell In order to acquire land for the Republic of Uganda (RoU), the English colonialist deliberately… Continue reading On Land Tenure, Uganda Go Back to Our Roots