Forestry Authority Cutting Trees?

“I planted these Mutuba trees as a fence in 1967 while my peers were dancing and enjoying life in Mbarara.” (Note: It is assumed that the photo is not ‘photo-shopped’ and that the caption to the photo is a direct quote from His Excellency Yoweri Kaguta Museveni, the current long-serving President of the Republic of Uganda (1986 to date))

Disruption of Karimojong Pastoralists’ Lives

This analysis is authored on the premise that there is a need to examine how historical factors, cultural factors, social institutions – formal policies, informal beliefs and traditions - have facilitated or not the ability of Karimojong to produce their own food; to earn and afford food; while enjoying their chosen way of life as… Continue reading Disruption of Karimojong Pastoralists’ Lives