Hon. Nanduttu, reject it if you care for Karamoja

Hon. Agnes Nanduttu looked fly in her beaded jewelry, so she thought, as she went to parliament this past week to be vetted, in order to get parliament’s approval for her to become the Minister for Karamoja. And, by the way, Hon. Nanduttu has also gone ahead to change her profile photos on social media… Continue reading Hon. Nanduttu, reject it if you care for Karamoja

Women of Karamoja to be marginalized no more!

In December 2019, as the keynote speaker at the first ever Karamoja Women's Conference, I asked women of Karamoja thus: "Through a qualitative lens, are you, the women of Karamoja, convinced that the two Karimojong men in Cabinet are able and are fully equipped to represent the Karimojong women’s voice during policy initiation and discussion… Continue reading Women of Karamoja to be marginalized no more!

Rotational Grazing African Wisdom

“This is to show how tall the grass can grow after letting this paddock lay fallow for four months. Grass grows by itself when you leave it for about four months.”President Yoweri Kagutta Museveni This was the caption to a photo that was published on the ‘Face Book wall’ of President Museveni in November 2017.… Continue reading Rotational Grazing African Wisdom

Arise Women of Karamoja, Make History

We should normalise a saying that “behind every successful Ugandan woman there is a man.” We should not be okay with only the men leading at the front while we simply play a support role.

Cry Karamoja Women!

When push comes to shove, as the national cake is divided during a Cabinet meeting, whose interests will the current ministers of Karamoja Affairs prioritise? Will it be those of their constituencies in the greater south or those of the Karimojong?