Is development the best contraceptive? – Part I: New Malthusian View

The New (Neo) Malthusian view is that population growth is the cause of poverty. Therefore, according to this view, the best solution to the population problem is to reduce birth rates, in order that development takes place. The view of development implied here seems to be the one held by the modernist and interventionist perspectives… Continue reading Is development the best contraceptive? – Part I: New Malthusian View

Poverty, Mute MPs & the Gen.

Pallisa District is among areas of Uganda which have the highest concentration of poor people, with a poverty density of more than 100 people per square kilometre who are living on less than a dollar a day. This is according to findings of the Uganda Bureau of Statistics (UBOS), published in the report: “The Spatial… Continue reading Poverty, Mute MPs & the Gen.