Smell of coffee deal is in the air

The Uganda Vinci Coffee Company Ltd deal with government is simply but just the latest symptom of systemic government policy and practice that favours so-called foreign investors over Ugandan born genuine innovators and investors. Sadly, my thesis of 2014 continues to hold true; and thus my plea that we should close Uganda's market also continues… Continue reading Smell of coffee deal is in the air

History – Speakers of Uganda Parliament 1962 to 1996

In essence, Mr. Edward Rugumayo was the first head of the legislative arm of the Government of the Republic of Uganda who is of African-Ugandan descent. He is of the Batooro of Small Western Uganda. Aged 45 years, in 1979, he became the Chairman of the National Consultative Council (NCC) - the 3rd Parliament.  … Continue reading History – Speakers of Uganda Parliament 1962 to 1996

History – Speakers of Uganda Parliament 1996 to 2022

The 6th Parliament was the first of its kind as we define Parliament of Uganda today. After having chaired the Constituent Assembly from 1994 to 1995, aged 51 years, in 1996, Mr. James Wapakhabulo (RIP), a lawyer and of the Bagisu of Small Eastern Uganda descent, became the first Speaker of the 6th Parliament. He… Continue reading History – Speakers of Uganda Parliament 1996 to 2022

No rush for Speaker election

"When the friends that saw small-pox go through our homestead ... people will be finished because the insides of the people are bad! This will be the gift that the political parties have brought." Okot p'Bitek's Song of Lawino. Yes, sadly, in Uganda, Okot's prediction has escalated to the worst point ever. "The breakdown in… Continue reading No rush for Speaker election

Mbidde magniloquence pakalast

Hon. Mukasa Fred Mbidde is described on his Wikipedia profile as a lawyer, a human-rights activist, a mass communication specialist, a motivational speaker and a politician. Indeed, an apt description of him, except, perhaps, the “mass communication specialist” accolade. This I doubt, purely on the basis of Hon. Mbidde's use of the English language in… Continue reading Mbidde magniloquence pakalast