Change Power Balance in Parliament and Local Councils

The Uganda 10th Parliament weaker - the weakest so far in the 30 years of President Museveni's reign

NRM’s Hoe Project Vs FDC’s Tractor Project

Paradoxically, when one studies agricultural policy and programmes during the 30-year reign of President Museveni, one finds that the policy and programmes are not necessarily always consistent with the kind of agriculture that the hoe project represents.

US Government wishes better for Ugandans?

The United States Government Mission in Kampala tweeted on 21st February 2016, following Uganda's presidential and parliamentary elections: “Ugandan people deserved better.” US Mission, Kampala Which Ugandans, all Ugandans, really? And what constitutes better for Ugandans – the opinion of the US government over that of Ugandans? These are the questions that I posed on… Continue reading US Government wishes better for Ugandans?

English and Uganda Politics

Yesterday, Monday, 15th February 2016, I was a discussant on the radio programme: "Spectrum" on Radio One FM90 and I stated a fact thus: "There are nine districts in Uganda in which the ruling party, the NRM, has its candidates unopposed for the positions of members of parliament." My submission was located within the context… Continue reading English and Uganda Politics