Landlord to enslaved cane-grower

"Though they should be earning big from sugar cane sales, the farming communities still exhibit features of extreme poverty and food insecurity. This situation has been exacerbated by the new sugar manufacturers that have set up shop in the region, adding more pressure on arable land." Former GOU Minister, Asuman Kiyinji

Loans can’t bail out our rural poor

In light of the failure of multiple ‘well meaning’ programmes of Government of Uganda and of so-called Civil Society Organisations to achieve their overstated targeted to “eradicate poverty” through the provision of loans to the poor, it is opportune to re-publish the views that I expressed in an interview that was published in The New… Continue reading Loans can’t bail out our rural poor

Land grabbing and ‘independence’ ethos

“Say what?” That was my instant reaction to comments that some so-called political and technical leaders of Uganda made during a forum at the Ministry of Agriculture Animal Industries and Fisheries Joint Agriculture Sector Annual Review (JASAR) 2016 that discussed sustainable land use management of Uganda’s land. I was like, who are these people who… Continue reading Land grabbing and ‘independence’ ethos

Is Dr. Limlim to blame for NUSAF II?

Dr. Limlim’s words still hold true. The elite have become an interesting tribe in Karamoja. Corruption is perpetuated and sustained by new graduates in Karamoja. In the last NUSAF program, Shs1.8 billion has not been accounted for. Where is the honesty of the youth? Where is the honesty of the graduates? Dr. Limlim is quoted as… Continue reading Is Dr. Limlim to blame for NUSAF II?