Impose Church Tax on Kayanja Followers

“The Bible says ‘bring the 10% to the house of God, so there may be food,’” he said, adding that he had been able to build the magnificent Cathedral and completed many other projects through the tithe. Kayanja is quoted as having demanded a 10 percent cut from Uganda's national budget to be allocated to… Continue reading Impose Church Tax on Kayanja Followers

Religion the opium for the people

A couple of days ago, on Thursday, 16th February 2017, it was a public holiday in Uganda in honor of the Late Archbishop Janan Luwum (St. Luwum), who is believed to have been murdered in 1977 on the orders of President Idi Amin. It is believed that St. Luwum  was murdered for his moral courage… Continue reading Religion the opium for the people

Speaker Kadaga’s Religiosity and Spirituality

Persecution of those who believe in African spirituality and religion is the crime.

A Potent Mix of Politics and Religion

"Ocol dislikes his brother fiercely, his mother's son's hatred resembles boiling oil! The new parties have split the homestead." Okot PBitek in Song of Lawino.

Culturally, my first name is Alinga

A week after I was born I was named in an Iteso naming ceremony. I was named after the mother of my father, my grandmother, the matriarch Ajakait Joyce Mary Alinga, may her soul continue to rest in power. But, I was born in the 1960s after Christianity had taken root in Uganda. At the… Continue reading Culturally, my first name is Alinga