A bit about Karimojong marriage practices

So, anyway, as part of our domestic tourism experience, we had the pleasure of interacting with a Karimojong 'tourist community', you know, the kind which is maintained static for the benefit of sharing a particular perspective of Karimojong. A member of the community in Lorukul in Karenge was our guide into his community; as well… Continue reading A bit about Karimojong marriage practices

I hiked Aruu Falls in Acholi in Northern Uganda

Am starting to get the work-life-balance-steer-away-from-stressful-situations philosophy. I took a chance and I joined a group safari with other women. Our first destination was Aruu Falls and it was worth it over and over above! I enjoyed Uganda’s gift of nature and it nurtured my mind, body and soul. At the top of Aruu Falls… Continue reading I hiked Aruu Falls in Acholi in Northern Uganda

Here is my vote for wildlife conservation

Sometimes back, a decade ago, I think, I went on holiday to Kenya with someone I shouldn't have been holidaying with it turned out. But even while I was in the pain that came with me realizing it, I was still able to soldier on the holiday by finding refuge in taking good pictures of… Continue reading Here is my vote for wildlife conservation

Celebrating Florence Naduk

"Florence Naduk is fabulously a woman of substance; she is a true daughter of Karamoja of Uganda. As the Director of Kara-tunga Arts and Tours Karamoja, she is among the champions for the preservation of Karimojong Culture."

Karamoja’s Beautiful food culture

The NRMO Administration, instead, plans to import semen of the Belgian Blue animals, for the purpose of breading them for beef for export. How is this more efficient than providing the relevant extension services for the Karimojong Zebu animals so that Uganda can produce, consume and export tons of akuring and emuna?