Celebrating 9th anniversary blogging on WordPress

Thank you to all my followers who have enabled by journey becoming a blogger. In November 2013, I registered with WordPress and begun the process of establishing a blog/website. It was not until July 2014, however, when I actually took my blogging more seriously and posted my first blog post. In it, I shared my… Continue reading Celebrating 9th anniversary blogging on WordPress

EU Parliament on EACOP and Museveni’s reign

It is fascinating how the popular discourse on Uganda that followed the European Union Parliament's decision on the East Africa Crude Oil Pipeline (EACOP) focused on human rights issues under President Museveni's reign. Yes, environment issues were among the basis for the decision, but the popular discourse in Uganda focused on human rights issues. To… Continue reading EU Parliament on EACOP and Museveni’s reign

Opposition looked gift horse in the mouth, why?

Loads happening in Uganda's political party spaces, but sadly for many Ugandans not enough to inspire confidence that the plethora of our opposition political parties can ever agree to give and take for the greater good of peaceful transition of power at the level of the presidency. For many of us, we were depressed by… Continue reading Opposition looked gift horse in the mouth, why?

IG be professional & save government money

When I saw the screaming headline: “The Inspectorate of Government (IG) has arrested Moses Otimong, the Fort Portal City Clerk over allegations of corruption and abuse of office,” I immediately did a Google search so I could get the full story. And I was thoroughly disappointed. The full story was typical of how the IG… Continue reading IG be professional & save government money

The State Regulating School Fees is Counterproductive

I agree with the school of thought that regulating school fees by placing a minimum and a maximum that schools can charge, without taking into consideration the cost of living is counterproductive to education objectives. Clipping from the New Vision of Friday, 23.09.2022 And the culture of formulating and passing laws without consulting all stakeholders… Continue reading The State Regulating School Fees is Counterproductive