Behind a successful woman is a man, her father

Its been two years and a month since my late papa rested. It is amazing, though, how I intensely feel his presence and protection, as I go about the business of living. I randomly remember things that he told me and or those that others said he told them about his aspirations for me. It… Continue reading Behind a successful woman is a man, her father

Profession of “Professional Moderator” is dying

Is it only me or is it a thing? The profession of "Professional Moderator" is dying away. "To be a successful moderator, you must research the topics beforehand, prepare appropriate questions, and stay neutral. Additional qualifications include the ability to pay close attention to all interactions, sound judgment, and excellent written language skills." This is how… Continue reading Profession of “Professional Moderator” is dying

Ladies, stop woman-on-woman cyber bullying as well

I have seen on a social media profile of a slay queen (I presume) a picture of the wedded wife of Kakwenza Rukirabashaija carrying her baby boy, both mother and child looking visibly distraught. I assume that the picture was taken at one of the times when her husband was tortured and in detention. She… Continue reading Ladies, stop woman-on-woman cyber bullying as well

Dr. Opolot thank you for Hopters Mixed Farm

Hopters Mixed Farm in Pallisa County is a great example of economics that works, me thinks. Yes, one of our own, a son of Pallisa County, a civil servant, an agriculturalist, Dr. Nakalet Henry Opolot, saved up and/or mobilized capital and has invested in climate smart agricultural enterprises for the benefit of our community double-double.There… Continue reading Dr. Opolot thank you for Hopters Mixed Farm

What is needed to defeat gender-based violence

I wrote this before I became a victim of sibling-on-sibling gender-based violence; albeit now, I am a determined survivor who is legally fighting back with all she has got. Meanwhile, each word that I prior wrote has taken on enhanced meaning for me. I wrote: “A common misunderstanding or distortion of gender in Uganda is… Continue reading What is needed to defeat gender-based violence