Thank you for joining me in this space. A platform through which, from a cultural anthropological perspective, I discourse on issues that affect our first nation, the Iteso of Uganda; our nation state, Uganda; our continent, Africa; and when exogenous phenomena have impact on us.

My “The Humanist View” Blog

Among my major research interests are food and nutrition security or insecurity in Uganda. Indeed, my first ever blog post of my “The Humanist View” blog, which I authored and published on 27th July 2014, is: “Uganda’s 2014/2015 Budget is a Recipe for Food and Nutrition Insecurity.” I have since edited and shortened the title to “2014/2015 Budget & Food Insecurity.” 

I invite you to check here for my latest blog posts and the 300+ others that I have published on human, political, economic and social issues. Read, like, leave a comment and also share the links to your networks.

Eyalama noi noi!


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