Ms. Norah Owaraga (MScDevMgt (Open)) moderating a session on digital democracy.

Welcome to my space, a platform through which I discourse on issues that affect our first nation, the Iteso of Uganda; our nation state, Uganda; our continent, Africa; and those exogenous phenomena that have impact on Iteso, Uganda and Africa. I am an academic, a cultural anthropologist, a socialist comrade, a Pan-Africanist and a philanthropist.

The Humanist View Blog

Among my major research interests are social institutions and indigenous African knowledge systems as they affect our day to day lives. My first blog post, case in point, published on 27th July 2014, was titled: “Uganda’s 2014/2015 Budget is a Recipe for Food and Nutrition Insecurity;” since shortened to “2014/2015 Budget & Food Insecurity.” 

Freshly self-harvested passion fruit in a front yard garden in my Entebbe home.

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I thank you, Norah Owaraga.